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The Orthodox Union is the world's largest kosher-certification agency ("Look for the OU").

Rabbi Steven Savitsky, the Orthodox Union's president, interviews the First Covenant Foundation's Rev. Jack E.. Saunders and Michael Dallen. Short - 15-mins. or so - audio recording. (Really good. Very info-rich.)

The Rabbi, the Jew and the Noahide (click here) 

Check out the First Covenant Foundation (Homepage), "The most Noahide-friendly of all the groups on the Internet." (MANY visitors say that.)

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"Welcome and timely, detailed and sound." Rabbi Professor Nahum Rakover, world-renowned specialist in the Torah's (the Biblical Tradition's) universal message.

"At long last we have a practical and learned treatment of this vital subject... truly and obviously a MOST wonderful work." Professor James D. Tabor, University of North Carolina, author of Restoring Abrahamic Faith.


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