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Life and the Earth are real. God is with us. He cares about the pain of animals. He won't let the Earth be destroyed or humankind be replaced. Having elevated and elected our own peculiar species to serve Him as His stewards over the Earth. He expects us to behave accordingly.

Here's the eternal sacred Guidance revealed to our kind's Biblical common ancestors - Adam and Eve, the first true humans, Noah and his family, including all their descendants - and then, throughout millenia, cherished and preserved by the prophets and sages of Israel.

This is the comprehensive guide and the vital index to the Teachings that make civilization possible, that make people truly human, that define true morality and decency.

God revealed them not just to civilize the human family but to guide us to the very highest levels of God-consciousness and wisdom. The Seven Commandments lead human beings to God.

In other words, from the beginning of the human race and long before Israel's encounter with Revelation at Mount Sinai, God graced us with the gift of Divine wisdom and commanding law.

From the first, God put us all on notice (and holds us to that knowledge) that every person - of every race, sex, age, status and condition - is sacred, "made in the 'image' of God." (Genesis 1:26, 1:27, 5:1). Genesis 9 - with Scripture's seven declarations of the world "covenant" - follows. But the Seven Commandments aren't contained in the Written Scripture, the Written Torah, only in the Oral Torah, the Written Torah's larger "other half."

The Rabbis, Prophets and Sages of Israel have always recognized therein, in the "Rainbow Covenant," immediately after the Biblical Flood - that is, from Adam and Eve and then Noah and Na'amah, the Bible's introduction to the story of our species - the Seven Commandments of the First Covenant, the Noahide Covenant, the Universal Covenant.

This is a test for humanity. Can it cut through all the long centuries of prejudice against, hatred for, and distrust of the Jewish people in order to give them the benefit of the doubt - to trust at least this one element of the ancient Oral Torah enough to study it and learn from it?

The Seven Commandments



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