From our article, "Freud Would Flip," in the August 2012 Covenant Connection, Vol. 7, Issue 4

The Higgs Boson

The Higgs boson exists. Freud would flip. What thinking person wouldn’t? For the first time, science, discovering “the God particle” at the CERN particle accelerator in Europe, sees “God’s shadow,” as it were. The Higgs boson reflects a very basic but frequently contested principle of higher consciousness from Sinai: “Everything depends on God.” 

The Higgs boson proves that every particle and atom in this and every universe is connected to an invisible, eternal, omnipresent, completely immaterial but unimaginably powerful “background field.” It makes existence possible. 

Even a great atheist like Freud would be moved by this discovery.

Mention the word “God” today if you want to reduce your credibility. Freud and the other big thinkers of his time helped forge the strong anti-religious spirit, the zeitgeist, of our own age. Most “science-minded” people today believe God, the Creator of all Things, to be made-up, a figment of human thought. Most people in the Western world now are Biblically illiterate; ignorant, they think of the Bible as folklore, like Homer, or the Epic of Gilgamesh. 

 “The Jews were the only ones whose sacred Scriptures were held in ever greater veneration as they became better known.” Archbishop J.B. Bossuet (1681)

“In the Old Testament of the Jews, the book of Divine righteousness, there are men, events and words so great that there is nothing in Greek or Indian literature to compare with it.” Friedrich Nietzsche (1885)

Anyone who reads the Bible in any kind of thoughtful way soon responds to its power; the Bible’s greatness, just as a literary work, far surpasses other writing, at least in terms of range and impact, beyond question … the Hebrew Bible is, clearly, by far, unarguably, the human race’s greatest Book. 

The Bible – literally, “The Book,” advertises God’s holiness. Together with the People of Israel, it’s the central “hook” of the Hebrew Revolution. 

Freud in his time had much better reason to reject this Bible than we do today.

The universe was supposed to be eternal then – scientists considered Genesis’ account of Creation, of something out of nothing, mere babble. “Quantum mechanics” and “dark matter” weren’t even words to Freud’s colleagues; their world had no place for God, so they thought: they assumed that “Providence “ could not shape events because physics was all simple clock-work. Their Ultimate Reality was a place lacking anything for God to do. 

Most “science-minded” people of their time, based on Darwin and geology, heartily rejected the “Biblical literalists” claim that God created the Universe in six 24-hour days. (That the “literalist” claim is a mere childish mischaracterization of the Genesis story, a reductio ad absurdum of a wonderfully deep and careful text, hardly occurred to them.)

Freud would flip if he knew that science would validate the great Torah principle that God’s Creation came out of nothing, “the Big Bang” concept of Creation.

Imagine if Freud knew about “the Adam gene” – recent proof that an “Adam gene,” having something to do with enabling the brain to process language and symbols, thus permitting universal literacy, suddenly popped up in the human genome about 58 centuries ago. [We wrote about the new discovery in our February 2006 issue.] What this means, in other words, is that the first true Adam (the first genuinely modern, writing and reading-capable human) was born right about when Scripture and the ancient Hebrew calendar always said. Wow!
(Our masthead, incidentally, celebrates this event’s 5772nd anniversary. This is the year 5772 since Creation – since the Creation of Adam.) 

Imagine if Freud knew what the 20th Century would do to the Jews… that the People of Israel would literally return to the Land of Israel, revitalizing the wasted land, making other peoples actually envious of it….

Freud was enough of a scholar and honest truth-seeker to have looked at the Bible with new eyes.


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