Bury Your Saint Joseph Statue Upside Down!

Going through old files, we encountered this piece – and laughed. If you find it half as funny as we do…. Also, in its obvious utter ridiculousness, it might be instructive.

What we’re looking at here is, literally, idolatry and blasphemy: trying to attain a supernatural advantage through the “magic” of a physical effigy of one of Heaven’s “saints,” to please some ultimate Being somehow Who is supposedly related to it. Try burying the little statue upside down! But what Being worth worshiping would ever react to such an inane venture by rewarding it?

Nevertheless, as we always insist – in Rainbow Covenant, our book, and in everything we write for the First Covenant Foundation – even such irrational or half-bright behavior does NOT, in the Universal Law, constitute a crime. Because even though it’s ridiculous, it’s doesn’t sink to the level of the absolutely egregious, cruel, obviously destructive, oppressive sort of conduct that all people everywhere, at all times, should recognize as being clearly intolerable.

Incidentally, this also exemplifies one of the differences between the Torah’s Law, which governs or should govern the Jewish people, the People of Israel, and the Noahide Law. A Jewish person who messed around with this sort of idiocy would violate the anti-idolatry, anti-blasphemy sanctions of the Torah; the Noahide Law, appertaining to the conduct of non-Jews or Noahides, is much more tolerant. Not because Noahides are less important than Jews but because the Jews, due to their nation’s history, are held to a higher standard of knowledge: they at least should know better.

By Michael Dallen

Article from Detroit Free Press
April 8, 2005




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