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Join us today! Becoming a member of First Covenant means supporting a unique movement devoted to bringing out frequently unrecognized truths and many under-appreciated facts as to the great holiness of God and the brilliance of His Ways.

Our principal subject: the universal derech HaShem (Path of God).

If you believe this approach is worthy, please join us.

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First Covenant Foundation
2400 Woodstock
Detroit, Michigan 48203
United States of America

Directors and Officers

Michael Dallen 
MDallen @ 1stCovenant . com

Rev. Jack E. Saunders
JSaunders @ 1stCovenant . com

Rabbi Michael Katz
RMKatz @ 1stCovenant . com

Dr. Robert E. Buxbaum
REBuxbaum @ 1stcovenant . com

First Covenant is a registered U.S. IRS 501(C)(3) charitable foundation.
(Donations to First Covenant are tax-deductible)

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