Some people call it the Rainbow Covenant, the First Covenant,
the Noahide Covenant
, or ....

From humankind's legendary beginnings and forward to the end of time, the First Covenant connects our whole species to fundamental, essential truths and principles.


God's ways are holy and so is He. He is real. The universe didn't "just happen." The Bible of Israel and the Torah of Israel aren't meant just for a small sect of people called "Jews." Rather, HaShem - the blessed Creator, the one and only God of Abraham and Israel - gave them to mortal beings to save and elevate the entire Earth.


 "Open my eyes, that I may see wondrous things out of Your Torah." - Psalms 119:18

People call this path by different names, such as Noahism, No'achism, and even Noahidism. We wrote a highly regarded book on the subject - Rainbow Covenant: Torah and the Seven Universal Laws - and, God willing, have more books on the way. We help people worldwide discover this sacred wisdom - the Hebrew Bible's first covenant (the covenant of Noah, after the Flood; the Rainbow covenant) - with its bedrock, absolutely reliable, ethical and moral laws, its profound cosmology, and elevating true spiritual teachings.


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Covenant Connection

December 2018 - Volume 13.4

Succeeding? Yes!

Topics: "Succeeding? Yes!": Humanity's natural track is upwards... "Over-Condemning Atheists": We all are designed to go through life with limited understanding and unlimited amazement. So - the different worlds of atheists and believers may not always be that far apart... "New 'Pro-Life' Law": The human fetus, the Torah, abortion, Roe v. Wade, and new legislation from Ohio... "Government, Tyranny and Anarchy": Democrats have their issues but Republicans have theirs. National sins are followed by national calamities. Trouble comes to every nation that violates the Seven Laws.... "Shofar Spirit": Dr. James Regehr, Canadian Noahide pastor, on the ancient animal-horn wind instrument called the shofar, with some surprising and enlightening ruminations on its deeper spiritual aspects. ALSO, we received a most unusual shofar.... More

Rabbi Michael Katz of Miami, Florida, a First Covenant director, pre-reviews every Covenant Connection



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