First Covenant Members' Goals and Agenda


In North America

Stephen E. Williamson - Shenandoah Junction, West Virginia

Elisa J. - Washington

Bryan F. - Texas

Theresia W. - Tennessee

Jeffrey D. - Tennessee

Zev ben David- Pennsylvania

Linda O. - North Carolina

Becky R. - Michigan

Leah V. - Massachusetts

Bruce G. - Maryland

Daniel S. - Georgia

Neil H. - Colorada

Phil C. - California

Greg U. - Arizona

Cheryl H. - Alabama

Madeleine - Virginia


Overseas and Mexico

Naomi & Sefanja S. - The Netherlands

R' Yehoshua Friedman - Kochav Hashachar (Shomron/Samaria), Israel


Members, tell us what you're doing! Share your news with your fellow-members (and the public), for publication in these pages. E-mail e r i c l a u s@ 1st cov en an t. o rg .




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