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Covenant Connection

Volume 12.2
November 2017...Cheshvan 5778

Why No Churches?


Despite atheists’ certainty of no Creator, we can’t believe the Universe “just happened,” with zero guiding intelligence making it happen. So, for that and other reasons, we believe in God.


In private conversations with other Jews, Jews sometimes mock the odd gods of non-Jews. How could any adult worship a Marduk, Zeus, or Ishtar? Concerning Christians, we marvel that our dear friends, co-workers and fellow-citizens substitute a dead Jewish fellow for God, or hallow him as their Redeemer.


As for Muslims, praying to Mohammed’s Jew-hating Allah, a being capable of causing people to sin and then punishing them for sinning….


One day the Christians’ Jewish fellow will go the way of Marduk and Zeus. The Bible promises that everyone will eventually come to God – Yah, El, the Lord, as Israel knows Him – alone.


So why don’t we see more people doing that NOW? Where are the great churches devoted to the One God? The huge social networks, the charismatic pastors and earnest church ladies: why aren’t they consciously, directly, honoring the living God?


The only people we know, besides the Jews, who do that, who pray to the Maker of All Things, are widely separated individuals - like little islands unto themselves - and not even many whole families.


Some few folks convene Noahide conferences and Seven Laws jamborees occasionally but these are ALWAYS sparsely attended and the most dominant personalities at them are usually Jewish.


We just received word of a new book, “Ten from the Nations,” about non-Jews turning to Torah. Here’s a link to the people mentioned therein, including the Jewish people who work with them. Click on this link.


We know some of them, including an old friend. Oddly, they don’t refer to us – participants in the First Covenant Foundation - at all. Neither do they mention our book – “the best book there is on the Universal Covenant,” so we’re told – “Rainbow Covenant.” Even though one of the fellows listed there is its publisher.


Despite the hype that we see in this link, we believe that, so far at least, none of these worthies has much of an audience.


Maybe one day these good folks will help the good news – that the God of the Prophets of Israel is the living, loving, infinite, transcendent and also imminent, forgiving sole Creator, Caretaker and Father of all things - break out as it should. As opposed to counting on messiah and apocalypse to do everything. “It is forbidden,” the Torah teaches, “to rely on miracles.”


In the meantime, we want to reach out to these folks, as we urge everyone who reads this to do. And we shall try to keep teaching and exploring the truths that define us: that, for instance, the Torah is a unified plan for all humanity; that the Seven Laws system is the very essence of the Torah; that when it comes to morality and morals, Jews and non-Jews stand under the same Law; and that it’s uniquely worthy, great and holy, like its Author.


Naturally, we have more to teach and delve into than just these few elemental truths. We hope that God gives us more opportunities to share them. We write for those who prize true beliefs and attitudes over man-made rituals, social networks and churchy customs. We hope to see the world continue to come “under the wings of His Divine Presence,” to worship Him and only Him - consciously, respectfully, and directly.



By Michael Dallen



“Let all humankind recognize and know that You alone are God.”
Ages-old morning prayer from the Siddur (Jewish prayerbook)



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