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These words are just slightly different ways of applying labels to the profound moral teachings and faith and life-path from the School of Noah (in Hebrew, “No’ach,” with a guttural pronunciation of the last syllable, like the German “Ach!” or the Scottish “loch”) Abraham, David and all the Bible's prophets. The People of Israel’s scholars and rabbis have kept this ancient Tradition alive through the millennia, cherishing it as the root or core of ALL the “logical” laws of the Torah (the “Teaching,” “Guidance” or “Instruction”) and the Five Books of Moses – the first five books of the Bible and the Bible’s eternal beating heart.

The Bible’s “logical” laws all flow from the First Covenant with its universal revelation to our species’ legendary common ancestors of the sacredness of each individual human being – that we aren’t mere scuzz, animals or objects on the surface of some planet but morally inviolable unique personalities, “made in the “image of God.”

These laws are indexed, in Torah thought, by the Seven Universal Laws (of the First Covenant), such as “don’t murder,” “don’t steal,” etc.

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