Why Are People Who Follow
the Seven Laws Called Noahides?

First of all, there is certainly no worship or cult-like honor given to Noah, the man.

What Noah represents is the beginning of the new world after the flood.  He is the progenitor of the human race. The Seven Laws given to Noah define mankind’s relationship to the new world and humanity's relationship to God.  The ten generations from Noah to Abraham provided the foundation from which Israel came forth to become a “kingdom of priests” to the world's seventy nations. 

Noahide, in the broadest sense of the term, is any person - any human being. As we see from the Bible and chapter nine of Genesis, concerning the great flood associated with Noah and its aftermath, every person is descended from Noah. So every person is a Noahide.

In the Bible's original Hebrew, the name Noah is actually No'ach (a word denoting quiet or quietness - which is interesting, since the Noahide laws have been described as the Bible's quiet laws). One may be a ben Noach (male) or a bat Noach (female). The plural of ben Noach is b'nai Noach - or, describing a group of lady Noahides only, batei No'ach.

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