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Volume 17.5
February 2024/Shevat 5784

  Cracking the Arabs' Palestine Scam

The Arab countries, and now Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and Indonesia (non-Arab Muslim countries) crank out the crap daily, by the ton: recycled ridiculous Jew-hating absurdities, arguments and false facts, including preposterous re-assertions of the Nazis' 90-year old spewings from enemies of humanity like Julius Streicher (Der Stürmer) and Joseph Goebbels (Hitler's Minister of Propaganda), and from crackpot anti-Semites like Detroit's Henry Ford (The Dearborn Independent, "The International Jew"), to snow the world and blind it to what should be obvious:

With inhuman malevolence, cruelty and cynicism, the Arab League countries - the original 21-countries - have perpetrated a remarkable scam, a con, a confidence "game," upon mankind. They've  conjured up a synthetic nation, an artificial ethnic group with fierce nationalist pretensions, from their own people, with a made-up past and a horrific future, to defraud the world by beguiling it with false facts, to rally it, to undermine Israel, challenge Israel face-to-face, and ultimately destroy Israel.

If you want Nazi propaganda, including sexy shots of leather-clad Nazis, find it readily throughout the Arab world. If you want concrete proof of what's going on here, in this plot against the world, just look at Egypt's and Jordan's immediate declarations, following the Hamas-staged October 7 (Simchat Torah, "Torah  Joy,"  the ancient Hebrew holiday celebrating the Revelation of the Torah) pogrom, by Gaza's "Defenders of Al-Aksa" (the Muslim shrine that sits atop Solomon's Temple), which proves it:.

Israel prepares its military response. Everyone knows that Hamas' millions of civilian subjects in Gaza are going to need help - particularly, a place to flee to. No Muslim country offers to accept a single soul from Gaza as a refugee. Every Arab country bars all of them absolutely from their borders - Egypt, for instance, penning them in with steel and threatened violence - while both near neighbors, Egypt and Jordan, and then the whole Arab world, collectively, adamantly insist that, whatever war threatens their precious brethren, the "Palestinians," they cannot be moved; that all Palestinians everywhere are solely Israel's problem; and that the only conceivable response to their problems, beyond feeding and arming them, is to give them the Jews' land, either carved off from Israel or simply completely eliminating Israel.

"Welcome to Egypt!" The Palestinian side of Egypt's Gaza border. Thanks to The New York Times (Agence France-Presse — Getty Images)

"Palestinians stand at a border fence with Egypt in a tent camp set up on the Gaza side of the border." The New York Times, Thursday, January 25, 2024.

This has been going on for ages. The Arabs' "Nakba," Arabic for "Catastrophe," struck the Arabic-speaking peoples back in 1949, when the Arab League's alliance including the armies of Syria, Egypt, Jordan (then "Transjordan), and Lebanon, with support from virtually the whole of the Arab  world, failed to wipe out Jewish Israel. (The Jews were supposed to be cowardly, the opposite of warlike; a pushover, easy to "drive into the sea.") The Arabs who heeded the League's call to evacuate, pending the promised complete elimination of the Jews, became the world's first "forever refugees." The great catastrophe, in this equation, isn't that the neighboring countries completely refused to absorb them, but that they didn't get what they wanted: the Jews dead or at least driven out of Israel, and the Jews' property for themselves. 

Supposedly, the Nakba is Palestinianism's formative event. But the scam's real foundation was and is the collective determination of the Arabs' to sacrifice all these people, their supposedly precious brethren, including their descendants, to the original evil cause. 

"Try and try again" is the essence of the con. Its formula for success: "persistence in hatefulness."

In this week's news we see more unwinding of the plot: the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees, called UNRWA, the only permanent United Nations agency devoted solely to the problems of one ethnic group, got caught recently: hundreds of its Gazan agents are Hamas! That is, beyond the UNRWA workers who merely sympathize with Hamas' awful goals, these UN employees belong to, serve, are paid by, and owe their primary duty of loyalty to Hamas.

Recognizing that the Arab League's managed so successfully to put its people on the UN's payroll, a New York Times writer insists, calling incidentally for abolishing the agency, what at this point seems like a truism:

"[The Palestinians] have been kept perpetual refugees as a means of delegitimizing Israel and preserving the irredentist fantasy that someday their descendants will exercise what they believe is their "right of return," effectively through the elimination of the Jewish state." (Bret Stephens, "Abolish the U.N.'s Palestinian Refugee Agency," January 31, 2024)


"Nothing is as good now as it was then. The water [in "Palestine"] was so sweet and healthy that a dying man drank from the village spring, washed with it,  and  was healed on the spot," the  "Palestinian" grand-mother said. "The houses were as big as palaces!" said her grand-daughter. "The land was wonderful, and the sky was always blue." [From a Detroit News review of mine of David Grossman's "The Yellow Wind" (3/27/88), about the manufactured "Palestinian dilemma," as he called it). 

Over more than 70 years, UNRWA and the Arab League have worked to create a people whose feelings for the Land of Israel compete in intensity with the Jews'. (The Jews' love for their Holy Land is deeply entrenched in the religion, in the prayers and rituals and customs, over thousands of years. The Arabs lack anything like that, but they've been trying, with tons of published programing and teacher-training.) And we spoke before how, the Arab countries being the hopeless kinds of places they are, corrupt, the "cause of the Palestinians" seems like the freshest, truest, most self-sacrificing cause on earth (despite the Palestinians' leaders' caustic habit of skimming off billions in aid dollars to themselves). Meanwhile, in Gaza, the con, under Hamas, assisted by Iranian money-men and military trainers, has accomplished even more than Hitler's Nazis could: turning most of Gaza's able-bodied boys and men into wanna-be Jew-exterminating SS storm troops.

Chumps for Palestine

Rewarding this breathtakingly malevolent con with any measure of success is unthinkable. Especially when it's a scam that unfits human beings for survival, for the future and the challenges of future climate change.

More than 130,000 impoverished people a year have been trying to enter Europe. They're looking for work and a better shot at the good life, from the awful places - many of them in the Arab world - that they've left. The Arabs among them have been scam-infused. But Jew-hate unfits people for decent company. The magical, conspiracy-thinking, fact- and logic-denying nature of it makes Jew-haters bad neighbors. Europe can possibly be forgiven for trying to keep them out.

All the Arabs' countries, and the whole Muslim world, want development. But their own dirty con has infected them with pathologies. How are they going to fare in the world, devoted as they are to Nazi crap and all this nonsense? You don't have to buy into the Bible's Prosperity Gospel, that God blesses those who bless Israel and curses those who curse the Jews (Genesis 12:3, Numbers 24:9), to believe that Jew-hate brings down trouble on the haters.

In the next 75-years, regardless of all the arrested development already resulting from this con, just about half a BILLION people are projected to lose their homes to rising  seas. If we can't get the matter of a few million so-called Palestinians straight - when less than a month's worth of the Arab countries' windfall petro income would suffice to settle all of them - then we'll never be able to deal with 500-million genuine refugees.

The Arab-Israeli (or really Arab-Jewish) War is not intractable. The conflict between Israel and Palestine is phony and not in any way insoluble. We - the human race - need to learn from the lessons of the last 70-years and resolve to not let the malevolent, awful Jew-haters of the Arab League make us chumps for Palestine.

The Current Mess

Palestinianism makes people stupid. International law is not the farrago of badly reasoned group-think that people often claim it is. It's unearthly, for me, to hear supposedly estimable legal thinkers weigh in on "occupied Jerusalem" or "the illegally occupied West Bank." The Jews' dramatic, against-all-odds liberation of the old League of Nations Mandate for Palestine territory, smaller than New Jersey, which never belonged to any Arab entity, is no war crime! Zionism is nothing remotely like South African apartheid, ethno-nationalist imperialism, white racist colonialism, or Jewish supremacy masquerading as a legitimate liberation movement.

You can see this clearly in their works. Zionism makes the desert bloom and invents new technologies. Palestinianism hijacks planes and kidnaps innocents, and makes the world more dangerous.

Zionism is a legitimate liberation movement. Palestinianism is the opposite - the artificial creation of the Arabs' degenerate kings and sheiks and dictators, and plutocrats and fascist-minded ideologues. 

Yes, it's pitiful watching young people who claim to worry about the environment cursing the one country on earth that plants more trees than it loses, very literally making the desert bloom, while they bless the petro-Arabs' cause and accuse the Jews of racism. They lack historical knowledge. They see what they think are freedom fighters in the Palestinians!

Israel, the land of the supposed-to-be cowardly Jews, is blamed for causing ruination to the civilians of Hamas-land, despite Hamas' constant war-crimes. Trying to recover the hostages that Hamas kidnapped and (if it hasn't already murdered them, God forbid) is holding, the world is struck by the havoc caused as the Jewish Army proceeds. It may help to note what value Israel puts on its own - whether they be foreign guest workers or visitors for pleasure, Arabs, Druze or Jews. For one common soldier, kidnapped by Hamas (Hamas ignoring all cease-fire agreements, as is its way), Israel turned more than 1,300 enemies over to Hamas. For all the horror involved in the loss of human life, that ratio - 1,300 to one - is something to keep in mind as the IDF strives to free the more than 100 hostages still in Hamas' clutches.

This current mess - watching normally smart people gassing idiotically about "the two-state solution" and "land for peace" and "why can't Israel just get along with its neighbors?" - invokes, for me, the shade of Mark Twain, beholding the follies of his age, then cursing "the damned human race."  Watching college administrators and college students cheer for Hamas, when I'm thinking of how Palestinianism murdered our beloved Bobby Kennedy (Sirhan Sirhan considered him too "pro-Israel"), the innocent Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, 9/11's World Trade Center innocents... and....

Palestinianism is the one cause advocated collectively by ISIS, Yemen's Houthis, Iran's mullahs and its Revolutionary Guard, Islamic Jihad, all the countries of the Arab League and now all Muslim countries, and formerly by Al-Qaeda, Fatah, Arafat, Saddam Hussein, Soviet Russia. If the world can't see clearly enough to "judge them by their works"....

Thank God, the Bible - Hebrew Revelation - and the Torah give us hope. With hope we can accomplish anything. Without it, and the Bible's profound optimism, we'd be sunk.

Michael Dallen
February 2024


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