Covenant Connection

Volume 17.4
January 2024/Teves 5784


What if you had incontrovertible proof of the following? Just supposing: the Arab League countries cook-up a wildly and profoundly evil conspiracy to create a counter-people against the Children of Israel, and a phony cause - Palestinianism, "the legitimate rights of the Palestinian People" - to delegitimize and ultimately wipe out Israel?

OBVIOUSLY there’s incontrovertible proof! It's completely apparent every day:

From the 21-Arab countries' complete refusal to welcome ANY of their  precious suffering brethren; by their joint absolute commitment to NEVER accord them equal rights citizenship; by their extensive complexes of bizarre historically unique forever "refugee camps” as near as possible to Israel; by their constant continuing transfers of oceans of fantastic wealth - petro wealth, oil money - to "their brethren," to create, forge, fatten, multiply, indoctrinate and arm a whole artificial nation, to sacrifice it, in the cause of annihilating Israel.

The inhuman sheer malevolence of this scheme tells you that something strange is going on here. Yes, we see that, in the Muslim world’s long battle against the Jews, the bedrock belief of the Muslims is that they and they alone are the legitimate successors of the Children of Israel, because Allah has elevated them and disinherited Israel. Yes, of course, the Jews’ re-establishment in the Holy Land plainly refutes that. Still, even though the truth may hurt, there’s no possible excuse for this vile program.

Two Observations:

One: it'd be easier to sympathize with the self-styled modern Philistines, some of whom are now suffering in Gaza, if people lacked free will and didn't have a choice. But those who've been raised and exist to erase Israel do have a choice: to break free of the shameful destiny bequeathed upon them like a brand by their vicious plutocratic "brethren." 

Many or most Israeli Arabs - about 20% today of the citizens of the State of Israel - have already done this. Israel has done a remarkably good job at bringing all the world's different strands of Jews together in one New Jersey-sized state, along with Israeli Arabs, Druze and other Gentiles, as full citizens of Israel. If that's what an ethno-religious state is, it's an ethno-religious state of multiple ethnicities and quite a few religions. Which makes it completely unlike all the Arabs' states, which either entirely bar Jews from entering or merely subject them to legally-sanctioned oppression and third- or second-class status. 

In our time, if the Jew-hating Philistines who are Palestinianism's rank and file just go along in their role as the Arabs' plutocrats defined it for them, they deserve... what? 

Allow us to suggest: damnation and all the hell and suffering that comes to them. They've picked their purpose. They'll be reviled in history not just as losers but as despicable losers, like the Nazis, and in fact all the enemies of the Jews - including the original Philistines from whom they took their name.

Two: just consider that a single week of the Arabs' countries usual windfall oil revenue - Saudi Arabia alone, apart from its fellow petro-states, sucks in some seven BILLION dollars a week - could, in weeks, give the whole 'Palestinian' nation brand new homes, a brand new life and a valid national purpose.

The Arab War: the chief chumps

What they're doing is terrible - not just for the Jews, and not just for the big chumps here, the "suffering Palestinian" sacrificial goats, the pawns of the Arab League. By presenting the 'brave Palestinians' as the world's purest, suffering selfless warriors for Islam and Allah, they've foolishly injected their nations with crazy eliminationist Jew-hatred, flooding them with propaganda to deliberately instill passionate antisemitism. This is incontrovertible too: they still use the same tracts, tropes and nonsense, translated from the German, issued by the Nazis.

Now their poisonous petro-funded outreach has infected almost the entire world of Islam - including big, important counties like Iran, which is Muslim but not Arab; Turkey, Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia - with the same degenerate reality-denying lunacy that fueled Nazism. 

Even that's not the worst of it.

Muslim countries generally are notorious for being corruptly and unfairly governed. Not one of the Arab League countries is a democracy. Already in our time, misrule, embezzlement and graft, climate change, and hypertrophic population growth are combining to push millions and millions of "climate refugees" to leave their homes in those countries and try their luck in better countries. Naturally, they're bringing their cultures with them. Which, thanks to the rotten open conspiracy we're talking about, seethe with Jew-hate.

It's not that the world's better countries don't need workers - especially young, energetic people. Nor that they're too small or crowded to take in newcomers. (The world is vastly larger and more generally accommodating than most people imagine. In the United States, for instance,the single state of Texas could easily house the population of the whole country, on acre-plus estates.) And, to speak a word for the better countries, we've seen how hospitably and generously they greeted war-refugees fleeing Ukraine. But the refugees from Ukraine, besides being light-skinned, mostly don't arrive infected with the Arabs' and the Nazis' crazy eliminationist antisemitism!

Can you blame the citizens of any country for not wanting to accept Jew-hating immigrants?

When you think about how dependent antisemitism is on fear-mongering and crazy conspiracy theories, how it can't survive critical thinking, and gets duped easily, following nutty controversies, swallowing nonsense and maintaining a rigorous obliviousness or double-think towards inconvenient facts ...

What people would want that in their neighbors? 

A vociferously pro-Palestinian Arab-American group here in my town attacked a sympathizing Jewish lady who dared to mention that Hamas' Simchas Torah (October 7th) pogrom raped, burnt, murdered, mutilated and kidnapped a number of young girls and women. "Lies!" they shouted. "That's debatable!" "Propaganda!"  It shocked an Arab-American reporter, reporting on her own people, politically active American citizens, watching them strenuously rejecting as fact what was obviously fact. But ... that's part of the always intriguing pathology - literally, the curse - of antisemitism.

The Current Mess

An investor's magazine, "Barron's" latest cover story is, "Saudi Arabia's Grand Experiment; the kingdom is spending $3 trillion to move beyond oil. More freedom for women, new opportunities for investors" (January 1, 2024). The Saudis, and all the big important Arab countries. want to modernize themselves, to diversify away from oil. They hardly even bother these days to pretend to boycott Israel - the Arab League's anti-Israel boycott continues, after three generations, but it's not what it used to be - because they can't do without technology from Israel. But consider the irony: they want to remodel their countries into something more like Israel!

Mostly they know that the antisemitic propaganda that their countries ceaselessly push out is hogwash. But their populations seethe with Jew-hate. If modern polling is even remotely accurate, the vast majority of their people approve of what Hamas did on October 7th.

Good luck "modernizing" a population like that!

More irony: not one but two defunct evil empires helped do this to them. From the diplomatic level on down, energetically, the Third Reich’s agents spread the Nazis' anti-Jewish foulness throughout the Arab world; the Soviet (Russian) empire spread more of the same - crazy eliminationist propaganda demanding the destruction of Israel - later in the Cold War. Still, it was the Arab countries themselves that took it to heart, amplified and intensified it, and tried to corrupt the planet with it.

What Do We Do Now?

If Islam's Prophet Muhammed were here, taking in the lies advanced in these matters, supposedly in the cause of Islam, and the Arab countries' efforts - supposedly in the cause of Islam - to erase Israel, while also assessing the history of Israel, since he died in 632, as the People of the Book, who returned to the Holy Land, and built up the Holy Land [after it "enjoyed its sabbaths" (Leviticus 26:34), over a dozen or more centuries, just as prophesized]...

Would he be cheering for Hamas, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Syria, or Fatah? Or would he be appalled by his people, and admonish them. Wouldn’t he tell them to work with instead of against the Jews?

We should all - whether we devote ourselves to God or Allah or to conscious service to mankind - be able to agree on several things.

Could we all agree that it's good, and desirable, to repair, restore, reforest and revivify the Earth, with all its ruined places, and its waste spaces? And that the future doesn't look bright if we don't succeed at that, as by not matching refugees with lands where they can go, and match lands with young, energetic refugees, looking to save themselves?

Israel has shown the way, to what a free people can accomplish when they honestly cherish the land that they're trying to restore. Can we agree that, considering all that the Arab countries have poured into erasing Israel, that it's finally time for them to restore their own neighborhoods, and give some future to their supposedly beloved "Palestinians," to help them become a free people, and stop pumping out Nazi foulness?

The Wasted Lands

Please allow me a moment to focus rage at the mind-blowing cruelty of the historical pagan lunacy that devastated the vast lands that now constitute the Arab world - North Africa, the Arabian peninsula, Syria, and Iraq.

The Roman circus... In ancient Rome every town of any size had its circus, which consumed dangerous animals - the world's apex predators, the big cats, wolves, and bears, as well as elephants – weekly or at least monthly. spearing, gouging, crushing, strangling, stabbing and even burning them in "games."

Multiply that over more than three centuries!

Roman hunting parties scoured the world for animals. The games continued every week until the animal-supply crashed. Imagine the environmental devastation! With no big predators to keep down their prey, the wild goats, rats, mice, rabbits, deer and other herbivores, their over-grazing wrecked the land. Followed by the ghastly husbandry and bad habits of dozens of generations of wanderers who didn't really care for the land, nor expect much from it, it became empty desert.

One is struck by this, flying from Egypt and over Jordan to India. Endless stretches of barren, ruined land, with just a fringe of green and a few poor, nasty-looking settlements in oases and river valleys. But, back before the 20th Century, when Zionism started bringing more Jews in, you could say much the same thing about most of the Land of Israel.

It's unthinkable to not try to redeem our planet’s  waste places from the consequences of cruel, heedless paganism.

Israel, which became the obsession of the Arabs' countries the more the Jews redeemed it, "making the desert bloom," exists as a model to show them how to do the same by their own lands. If only they, the Arabs, chose to benefit!

The challenges here aren't remotely insurmountable. It's true that only the Arabs can fix most of these problems - which they themselves did so very much to cause - but Israel and the Jews can help solve them. The Arabs’ countries aren’t land poor. They have plenty of space and also plenty of work – if they ever want to reforest and restore their barren territories – not only for “Palestinians” but for many millions more.

If we, the people of Earth, don't succeed at this, at ending the Arab War Against Israel and offering solutions not just to "Palestinians" but to what will soon be many millions of other Arab and Muslim Jew-haters who hope to flee to better places, it shouldn't be because we rewarded the Arab countries' plot against Israel with laurels.

By Michael Dallen
January, 2024

If God does not exist, nothing matters.

If God does exist - nothing else matters.

People Have Asked:

How can we help Israel? Can I give to the Army, the IDF (Israel Defense Force, the Haganah, or Tzahal)?

No, you can't, but you can give to the Friends of the IDF, FIDF, which is like our USO, the United Service Organization, in America. It tries to make the soldiers' lives more comfortable and provides some scholarships.

I recently gave some money to VFI, Volunteers for Israel, the outfit I volunteered in several months ago, to help people come from all kinds of places to volunteer help for the army behind the lines, on military bases. That's a real hands-on kind of help.

War's expensive and buying Israel Bonds helps the government of Israel in very trying times, providing liquidity - borrowed money - when Israel really needs it. I recently bought some myself.  It's like buying American Savings Bonds: you are donating liquidity by lending to the country, but you also get a nice return. In the case of Israel bonds right now it's a really nice return, about 6.25% per year. (I'm delighted to report that American state and municipal treasurers have been buying them in great numbers, since October 7th. But the need - for liquidity to fund the war and keep the country going - is ever greater.)

The Jewish National Fund, JNF, is Big Charity. It's been helping sustain the more than hundred thousand Israelis driven from their homes by rocket attacks. The JNF is also the famous tree-planting organization, restoring forests to the Holy Land. I give to it every year, and have given more since October 7th - giving to the JNF is one of the things that unites Jews of almost every background, a very widely lauded "good cause," but everybody who supports Israel should be comfortable donating to the JNF.



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