Covenant Connection

Volume 17.8
May 2024/Nisan 5784

  Philistines, Noachides, and Israel


Now Israel's the Goliath and Palestine is David, Christean Amanpour said on her international TV show, "Amanpour and Co.," a week or two ago. She was talking to Israeli author David Grossman, a recognized leftist "wise man." Grossman was saying, "Despite everything, we must show faith. We must defeat the Jewish Messianics with the Two-State Solution."

That anybody could look at this map here - "The Green is the Arab world. That Tiny Speck is Israel" - and call the Arab side David and Israel Goliath is remarkable. The Arab Palestinians' claims that the Jews' Holy Land is theirs is remarkable. The popular claim that Jews living in the Jews' Holy Land are colonialist imperialist racist occupiers of Arab Palestine is remarkable.

Something weird is going on. People will marvel about it till the end of time.




By Michael Dallen
May 2024, Iyar 5784


If God does not exist, nothing matters.
If God does exist - nothing else matters.


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