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What Do the Seven Commandments of the Noahide Covenant teach us?

Life and the world are real. God is with us always. He loves us, and His love extends even to the animal kingdom, and to the world in general. He won't destroy the world or let us completely destroy it; He won't destroy humankind or raise space aliens or any other species above us. Having elevated and elected us - homo sapiens - to serve Him as His earthly stewards, He expects us to behave accordingly, up to the standards of the
Seven Commandments

There's a lot more to it than that but here's the eternal sacred Path, the Great Way, originally revealed to humankinds' Biblical common ancestors - Adam and Eve, the first true humans, and Noah and his family, including all their descendants - and cherished and preserved, for thousands of years, by the prophets and sages of Israel.
Here is the comprehensive eternal guide andvital universal index to the Teachings that make civilization possible, make people human, and define morality and decency. It applies to all peoples at all times, even when they don't know or don't choose to believe in their holy Author, and even if they disdain or dislike the Jewish People.
They convey deep wisdom to those who don't close their minds to it. God revealed the Seven Commandments not just to raise the human race up from savagery and civilize the human family but to guide us to the very highest levels of God-consciousness and wisdom.

The Seven Commandments - concrete moral touchstones in an otherwise confusing Universe - grace us with the gift of Divine wisdom and commanding law, from an era long before Israel's encounter with Revelation at Mt. Sinai. The Noahide Law leads human beings to God.

From the first, God put us all on notice (and holds us to that knowledge) that every person - of every race, sex, age, status and condition - is sacred, "made in the 'image' of God." (Genesis 1:26, 1:27, 5:1; 9:6). Genesis 9 - with Scripture's seven declarations of the world "covenant" - follows. To anyone who accepts the initial Revelation, of the sacred, inviolable, free-willed nature of the individual human being, the Universal Commandments follow logically.

According to ancient Torah lore, the Hebrews, starting with the yeshiva or school of Shem, Noah's son, and Eber, his own son, and continuing on to Abraham and Sarah, father and mother to the Jewish people, kept this knowledge alive. They passed it on their descendants.

The Seven Commandments are NOT contained in the Written Scripture - in the Written Torah, the black-letter Scriptures' Five Books of Moses, Genesis through Deuteronomy - but only in the so-called Oral Torah, which is the Written Torah's larger "other half."

This is a test for humanity. Can people trust at least this one element of Israel's ancient wisdom - incredible knowledge, involving purely logical and very obviously necessary Commandments, with all their facets and countless insights - enough to learn from it?



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