This beautiful song from the great Steve Earle expresses universal truths and deep spirituality - what you might call, true God-consciousness - and profound insight into the nature of prophecy.

We thank the author for permitting this use of his copyrighted material.

For another couple of observations, see below.

Steve Earle


"God is God"

I believe in prophecy.
Some folks see things not everybody can see.
And,once in a while,they pass the secret along to you and me.

And I believe in miracles.
Something sacred burning in every bush and tree.
We can all learn to sing the songs the angels sing.

Yeah, I believe in God, and God ain't me.

I've traveled around the world,
Stood on mighty mountains and gazed across the wilderness.
Never seen a line in the sand or a diamond in the dust.

And as our fate unfurls,
Every day that passes I'm sure about a little bit less.
Even my money keeps telling me it's God I need to trust.

And I believe in God, but God ain't us.

God,in my little understanding, don't care what name I call.
Whether or not I believe doesn't matter at all.

I receive the blessings.
That every day on Earth's another chance to get it right.
Let this little light of mine shine and rage against the night.

Just another lesson
Maybe someone's watching and wondering what I got.
Maybe this is why I'm here on Earth, and maybe not.

But I believe in God, and God is God.


Copyright 2009 by Steve Earle


To listen to this gorgeous song - it deserves to be listened to - type the title and author's name into your internet browser, or try these links (links change of over time, so we can't guarantee that these links stay "live".)
Studio version
Live version


Two Notes/Quibbles

1. United States currency says "In God we trust." In no way does it compel anyone to "believe in God."

2. Whether we believe in God or not DOES matter. One who knows God by His (true) Name - one who knows enough about God, HaShem, to value what He values, and understand what He encourages and what He condemns - is greatly advantaged, over one who doesn't know nor recognize Him, when it comes to serving Him well, on a full-time basis, and consciously.






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