Sir Isaac Newton, the great English genius, inventor of calculus, "discoverer" of gravity, etc., was an interesting thinker.

Many people don't know this, but Newton, a devoutly religious man, was not a Christian nor an atheist/agnostic but a Noahide, an all-in, committed, God-loving servant of HaShem. 

Let me interject a personal note. Last night a friend of mine, a Torah study-partner who's a devout Jew, a professor of mathematics, handed me an article about Newton. Newton shared our religion with us, as a Noahide. That is, Newton was an early adapter, a gentile/non-Jew whose intelligent discernment led Him to God, HaShem. According to the prophets of Israel, eventually, all discerning people of every nation will do the same.

Newton left writings that exemplify humble reverence for the Torah and the great sages of Israel. His writings make it obvious that he read and studied them in their original Hebrew, and that he "got" their message - his writings prove that he revered and worshipped God and only God. This, despite all the enormous public and private pressure that was on him to conform to English Christianity.

Sir Isaac Newton would appreciate being cited for the proposition that his religious beliefs - the doctrines of Judaism, and the Hebrew Revolution - are for everyone. The Biblical narrative and the larger Torah compel geniuses all the time.The religion of Newton - the religion of Israel - is a thinking person’s religion.

We put up a video to this effect - we argue that the ideas, professed by non-believers, that Jewish religious belief demonstrates dim-wittedness, ignorance, and the pull of totem, taboo, fearfulness and superstition, doesn’t happen to be true!

Now: the article below traces the influence of the great Jewish genius Maimonides, Rabbi Moshe (Moses) ben Maimon, of blessed memory, upon Newton, and elucidates Newton's views.




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