How I Love Thy Law!
Psalms 119

People blame God for making bad laws - they consider His Law, His "Guidance," Torah, or "Way," a "burden." They sneer at "the burden of the Law."

We appreciate that most of the detailed, antique-sounding ritual statutes and national ordinances that are mentioned in the First Five Books of the Torah DO NOT, SHOULD NOT compel most people, the vast majority of mankind. However, every single one of the Bible's moral principles should be lifting the life and thinking of all humanity.

We're just repeating what should be obvious. This is the Biblical system! It's not that the specific ritual ordinances that govern only Israel are unholy or in any way unworthy, it's just that they directly compel only Israel. They offer uplift to all who choose to learn them. But, along with them, the "law" of the Bible is the moral law. That is, the moral and spiritual system of the Bible that applies to all mankind.

What's the "Universal Law"? The larger Torah-system, including the Golden Rule and the Seven Universal Laws, or Noahide Law, and the Biblical world-view as a whole. Everybody should celebrate it, just as the Psalmist teaches:



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