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The First Covenant Foundation is a U.S. IRS 501(C)(3) Michigan non-profit corporation, EIN #27-0098401.

The directors and officers of the corporation serve the members of the First Covenant organization as fiduciaries, the directors and officers being obligated to faithfully represent and protect the organization’s core values and advance them in the world.

A member of First Covenant wants to help advance the purpose for which the First Covenant Foundation exists.

A member of First Covenant must be at least 18-years old.

By using the name First Covenant we hope to communicate the truth that the only way to acknowledge and respond to Divine covenants and commandments is seriously. That is, by taking them completely seriously. The First Covenant, also known as the Noahide Covenant, or the Universal – Rainbow - Covenant of Genesis 11, is the key to the whole Biblical system, including the accumulated wisdom of Israel and the entirety of Torah.

The Universe didn’t “just happen.” Abraham and Moses and the other great prophets and judges of Israel weren’t liars. We mortals can consciously serve the Sovereign of the Universe and love and be loved by Him, to the end that all peoples everywhere should come to appreciate Him by His true name - His identity, by Who He really is.

He created the people Israel. However, He isn’t just the God of Israel but the Maker, Sustainer, Creator and Redeemer of all Creation.

It should be the supreme ambition of every person to glorify and serve Him - the Lord, Creator and Master of all things and beings, all particles and forces; the Father of Holiness; the Father of Justice, Kindness, Light and Truth - as consciously and intelligently as we can.


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First Covenant Foundation
2400 Woodstock, 1st Flr
Detroit, Michigan 48203-1061

Phone: 313-891-1920

Directors and Officers

Michael Dallen 
MDallen @

Rev. Jack E. Saunders, co-founder, 1948-2019
Rabbi Michael Katz
RMKatz @
Dr. Robert E. Buxbaum
REBuxbaum @

First Covenant is a 501(C)(3) non-profit tax-exempt educational organization, EIN #27-0098401.
Gifts to First Covenant are fully tax-deductible.



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