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The Covenant Connection

Volume 1, Issue 8

July 2006.......Tammuz 5766

Don't miss the story of Dr. T.K. Lawless and Israel in Part of the Plan in Action, below.

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Covenant Connection

Now Comes Amalek

If the Bible is true, God has friends and He also has enemies. His tender mercy goes to all His creatures, He provides us all with everything. Yet He blesses those who bless Israel and curses those who curse Israel (Genesis 12:3, 27:29; Numbers 24:9).

God chose the people of Israel not for privilege but for service (Isaiah 41:9). In myriad ways, the Jewish people - its members including people of every race and color and almost every national background, but still "the fewest of all peoples" (Deuteronomy 7:7) - make the world more godly. As a nation, Israel dynamically affects the world for good.

As for the enemies of Israel, who seek to destroy it, even to the extent of deliberately targeting Jewish kindergarten children to kill them, that unholy spirit is represented in the Bible by Amalek (Exodus 17:18).

Amalek is the world's anti-Israel, a counter-dynamic, an opposing influence. Amalek begins with Esau, the man who thought so little of the gift of God's blessing that he traded it for a pot of stew (Genesis 25:34, 36:12). Amalek hates Israel, along with all who seem to enjoy God's blessing. Even after hearing of all that God had done for Israel in the Exodus from Egypt, Amalek viciously attacked - going particularly after the weakest among the people, the aged, the infirm, the women with children.

Amalek lives practically beside itself feeling slighted, wronged and jealous. In every generation, those who incarnate this spirit - the Nazis, Osama and Al-Qaeda, Stalin, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc. - make themselves God's enemies (See Deuteronomy 25:17-19). They have no pity and stop at nothing. Even though they are merely human, with all the good and bad that goes with that, they condemn themselves and bring evil - the opposite of godliness - into the world. They threaten the world.

Amalek directs itself to different gods than God. Amalek's gods - the Nazis believed in Wotan and the German Volk or people; the Muslims who host Amalek today pray to a Jew-hating Allah - hate Israel.

When Israel rejects, forgets, or shows a lack of respect for God, Amalek gets stronger. This isn't just metaphysics, and this isn't just the Bible; this is how history works. God reveals Himself to the world in history - particularly in the history of Israel. When the people of Israel try to reject their peculiar national role in human history, to become "a normal nation," just like other nations, Amalek gets stronger.

In the incredible Six Day War of 1967, Israel completely crushed the armed power of the Arabs who collectively meant to finish Hitler's work. They had widely broadcast their intent to exterminate the Jews of Israel like bugs. The first thing Israel's Defense Minister did the next day was hand over the holiest place on earth to the enemy! Israel's secular Jewish leadership didn't want the Temple Mount, the anciently designated site of God's Temple in Jerusalem. Keeping it would simply encourage "our religious fanatics," they thought. So they gave it to an enemy who would throw rocks at a rabbi.

Today, the same city of Jerusalem that the Arab world had rejected, neglected, and all but forgotten before 1967 is now "the Place of Blessing," Al Quds (the holy). The dusty, moldy old Dome of the Rock that sits atop the Temple site is now "the third holiest site in Islam." (Until 1967, mainstream Islam had only two holy sites, in Mecca and Medina. Al Quds wasn't even in the running.) Now, newly gilded (in 1994) and cleaned up, pictured on photo-enhanced glossy posters in hundreds of millions of homes, mosques and offices, it's now the posterchild, the ubiquitous universal symbol, of Muslim aggrievement.

Secular Israel's current desire to give away much of the rest of the Holy Land to the same enemy doesn't come from logic. The Arab Amalekites frankly promise to devote whatever land they get to eradicating every remaining speck of Israel.

Israel, by voluntarily surrendering the land, appears to have weak claims to it, so this weakens Israel in every way.

Giving the land to the enemy won't even benefit the people that it's supposed to appease:

1) For all the Arabs' envy, the land isn't rich except as its Jewish population works it and makes it rich; it doesn't give of its bounty to people who don't belong there (Numbers 26:34,43). Tel-aviv beachfront property is valuable because Jews love it. Without the Jews to love it, the land reverts to what it was - a worthless desert on the far side of the Arab world.

2) Given current growth rates, even the entire land of Israel couldn't sustain the enemy's exploding population in another 40 years. The principal product of the "Palestinians" is babies. Amalek is fighting this war demographically. Amalek today is a population factory. The United Nations subsidizes its production!

Appeasing this enemy doesn't work. Logic and history teach this clearly. But, just as the histories in the Bible repeatedly teach, logic and the lessons of history have nothing to do with it when people seek to reject God and their role in His Plan.

Since 9/11, America has been engaged in a "war against terrorism." But that's nonsense. You can't wage war against a mere tactic, a criminal practice. Amalek attacked America. Amalek is a real enemy with real aims and a real need for sustenance, for food and oxygen.

Amalek is shooting high explosive-laden rockets and missiles into Israel right now, while cursing Israel and burning American flags. But this isn't just America's war nor just America's and Israel's together. Amalek just attacked India's Bombay (Mumbai). Amalek is whipping itself into a frenzy right now. Amalek doesn't care about the harm it's doing to its people, any more than Hitler in his Berlin bunker cared about the German people at the end. Amalek dances in the streets at the very prospect of its enemies' suffering, even if the dancers with their children are doomed to die themselves.

Civilization, including the Arab and Muslim peoples themselves, needs to come to terms with the nature of this vicious spirit - and also with the dynamics of God's Plan. The Nazis couldn't be appeased, when Amalek inhabited the German peoples, and neither can the Amalek of our time. Trying to appease Osama, trying to appease Hamas - just as his enemies' efforts to appease him only strengthened Hitler, trying to appease Osama and Hamas just makes them stronger.

Iraq (as that part of Mesopotamia is currenly known) is not Amalek. Neither is Saudi Arabia, or Yemen, though Amalek lives throughout the Arab world. So, for instance, we see Amalek at work in Darfur, in the Sudan, where Muslims kill their brother Muslims because they're black. This Amalek, like the Nazi model, rapes and kills and viciously turns on its own.

As the Nazis menaced the world, so does Amalek's current incarnation. We are all part of the in-group here, Jews and Noahides, Americans and Indians and Australians, etc., together. The Arabs and Muslims who oppose this evil spirit - there are many of them, just as many Germans opposed the Nazis - need the world's help most of all. We need to work together. Amalek threatens us all.

This foundation exists to magnify and glorify God's Name through effective advocacy, through plain talk like this about His Plan, as history and the Bible make its general outline clear. If you think this work has merit, help support it. History, and the Bible, teach us what works in the fight against Amalek. Cutting off Amalek's sustenance works.

We shall cut off Amalek's food and oxygen by teaching the world just two things: 1) the goodness of what Amalek seeks to exterminate, and 2) the evil in Amalek itself.

Much of the world today has decided not to bless Israel but to curse Israel. That's the current trend. But we who want to bless Israel can't walk away from the world. We all still need God's blessing and we don't want anyone, including the Arab and Muslim peoples themselves, to earn God's curses.

Buy a book and help show a friend how the world works - what Israel represents in the world and the godliness of the universal principles that constitute the Bible's core: http://rainbowcovenant.org/pages/thebook.htm. In the name of some godly principles Amalek violates others. Help introduce the world to the whole First Covenant - the Noahide Covenant meant to bring us all nearer God.

Help show people that they don't need to worship Jesus, but that God loves the righteous of every nation (whether or not they have even heard of Jesus).

You can help cut off Amalek by making a donation: http://rainbowcovenant.org/pages/Donations.html. Help us get the truth out. Only the ignorant invite God's curses. If you think that this plain talk is true, support it. If you think that this sort of advocacy - taking the ancient wisdom of Israel together with the lessons of history and logic to show people how they actually fit into God's Plan - is true, help advance it. Join us. Become a part of it. Because this is the real war: the war of ideas, between competing concepts of God, between the gods of Amalek, the false gods of Nazis, and the One God of truth.

Whatever we mere mortals call ourselves, whatever nation we love most, whatever creed we subscribe to, we all have everything riding on this. We all have a free will choice to make. We accept our role in God's Plan and receive blessing by helping God's cause. Only Jews and Noahides together can win this fight. None of us can stand apart from the struggle to just watch Amalek grow.


Part of the Plan in Action

Dr. T.K. Lawless and Israel

This is an example of how the world really works, in the life of a certain doctor. Dr T.K. Lawless was a celebrated African-American who came from Iowa and lived most of his life in the United States' Midwest.

Archive photos used courtesy of Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois

Theodore K. Lawless (1892-1971) - Theodore Lawless was an African-American dermatologist, philanthropist, and medical pioneer. He worked to find a cure for leprosy and made several strides in the treatment of both leprosy and syphilis. As a physician, Lawless was often consulted by other doctors he was noted for his equal treatment of patients regardless of class or race. He also donated funds for a research laboratory, equipped with the latest technology, at Provident Hospital in Chicago. In addition he supported several Jewish related causes in appreciation for the support he received from Jewish physicians when he sought letters of reference to study in Europe; of the 12 references he received, 11 were from Jewish physicians. He created the Lawless Department of Dermatology in Beilison Hospital, Tel-Aviv, Israel; the T. K. Lawless Student Summer Program at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovoth, Israel; the Lawless Clinical and Research Laboratory in Dermatology of the Hebrew Medical School, Jerusalem

Editor's note: American medical schools had a quota system in place to keep down the number of Jewish medical students at least until the late 1940's. So there weren't a lot of Jewish physicians around to give young Mr. Lawless a hand in the era before the First World War. One final note: Dr. Lawless purchased and endowed several public parks in western Michigan, north of Chicago, which are named after him. The people who run them say they that they are very proud of T.K. Lawless. Until they got this information, they didn't know anything at all about his connections to nor his feelings for the people of Israel. (Neither did they have his picture.)

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