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Volume 7, Issue 2 May 2012 ... Iyar 5772


The Spiritual Physics of Blessing

 Astrology, Shavuot and Revelation - a Personal Aside


 The Spiritual Physics of Blessing

If you want to prosper, if you want to do well, here’s indisputable “prosperity gospel”:
[Speaking of Israel] “Blessed be everyone that blesses you, and cursed be everyone that curses you.”  – Numbers 24:9 (Also see Genesis 12:3, 27:29)
One who blesses Israel – who sincerely blesses – receives blessing. This is one of the higher-consciousness truths – one of the godly truths – that underlie Creation. A specific cause, blessing Israel, has an effect, receiving blessing, and this is inherent in  reality, like water’s tendency to always run downhill. God has arranged things this way; it’s a rule – eternal, unchangeable - of spiritual physics. One who becomes allied to HaShem and the great godly forces that govern Creation shall be blessed… as opposed to the prospects facing those who act against His will, at cross-purposes to Him.
As for the latter group…  look at Pakistan, Syria and Egypt, where devoted life-long Jew-haters brutalize each other daily; at the “Palestinian territories,” and Iran. Look at the sordid, catastrophic, blood-soaked record of Nazism, say, or Stalinism.
By blessing Israel people bring blessing upon themselves; they put themselves on HaShem’s side, as it were; they join the cause of God.
To curse Israel, God forbid, is to damn oneself – one makes oneself an enemy of God.
We study Torah – the “Way” or “Guide” or “Teaching” of Israel - to learn these principles of God consciousness, these laws of spiritual physics. Naturally, obviously, we want to know just exactly what HaShem’s side is, in matters big and small, in order to get on it.
            If God doesn’t exist, nothing matters. If God does exist, nothing else matters. - Anon.
Israel is all about God consciousness. One of the beautiful things about the Torah, including the Universal Torah, the Rainbow Covenant system, is that it gives us certain knowledge of God’s Name – of God’s ways, of Who God really is.
All the Torah’s ways are ways of pleasantness, and all its paths are shalom (shalom: peace, perfection, completeness, wholeness). - Mishnah; see Proverbs 3:17
The First Covenant, the Noahide or Rainbow Covenant program, couldn’t be more pleasant, but – as we’ve complained before in Covenant Connection - it gets terrible press from people who don’t know it well. They characterize the Noahide way as being very rigid, harsh, intolerant and unjust. This false portrayal of such an important part of Torah leads to a false portrayal –an ugly portrayal - of God’s Name.
Blessing Israel does not mean submitting to Israel! God’s laws of spiritual physics are no more intuitively obvious than God’s laws of material physics. In God’s system, Noahides don’t bless Israel by turning over their free will to rabbis or by trying to convert their nationality or ethnicity into “Jewish.” 
Noahides bless Israel by blessing HaShem – as non-Jews willing to grant the People of Israel and individual Jews, too, the benefit of the doubt; who appreciate the Jews’ role in history and/or the wisdom of Israel. (They recognize that Israel’s wisdom, and other good qualities, didn’t all expire millennia ago.)
At an even higher level of God-consciousness, Noahides bless Israel when they share Israel’s religion, when they recognize that it provides different routes to God for different people – that it’s a wonderfully capacious system - and realize it’s for everyone.
Noahides who share Israel’s religion - “Judaism”- with Jews understand that the religion of Sinai isn’t just a sect appertaining to a small ethnic group called “Jews.”  They understand themselves, and let others know by their example – not just by talking God-consciousness but by making the higher-consciousness principles of Sinai operative in their lives - that the Torah of Israel is a unified plan for all humankind, and that the derech ha’Shem, HaShem’s Way or Path, is for every human being of every ethnicity.
We were corresponding with a group of prisoners in a Midwest state prison about this. We wrote, “… when you come to the name Israel in the prayerbook, you should usually associate yourselves. [“Anyone who repudiates idolatry is called a Jew.” Talmud, Megillah 13a] Israel is a cause and a religion and a belief system, a revolutionary force and a people, an ethnic group; you don’t have to belong to the ethnic group to devotedly associate yourselves with the people and the cause, the revolutionary force and the belief system…. When people ask you about this, [we] hope you tell them that you believe in God, HaShem; that God didn’t make you Jewish any more than He made you Chinese, or whatever, but He did make you human; that He wants His children, every human being, to return to Him, to know Him, love and fear Him; and this has nothing to do with you being Jewish, but everything to do with HaShem.”
Scholars who teach that a “complete Noahide” or a “fulfilled Noahide” is a Noahide who has converted to Judaism don’t understand this.  They don’t “get” the profound holiness of the First Covenant program and the greater Torah system.
Noahides can and should ask Jews to help them learn God’s Name but they don’t need to be Jewish to do so and they don’t need Jews to serve them as intermediaries of any kind. That’s not the system. They come to the religion of Sinai or they don’t, but they don’t have to submit their beliefs for review to any court or board of rabbis to be Noahides.
That’s not the way it works for converts to Judaism. A Noahide may have some doubt or reservation about an aspect of Torah, or anything alleged to be Torah, but that’s a matter of individual conscience. A Noahide can even entertain some belief in a material god, in a god that is not God, for that matter, without it being a problem for the collective called Israel. But a convert to Judaism who imports Jewishly unorthodox ideas to the Jewish People is a problem.
One day, in our own time, we hope, hundreds of millions or even billions of people, Noahides, shall bless Israel and, eventually, come to worship HaShem.  They won’t be converts, though, new members of the People of Israel. Because 1) that’s not the system; that’s not what the prophets promise; and 2) Israel, God forbid, could never survive it. And the survival of Israel as a more or less unified people is essential to the larger system’s success.
If you will return, O Israel…
And swear, ‘As HaShem lives,’
In truth, in justice, and in righteousness,
Then shall the nations bless themselves by Him,
And in Him they shall glory. – Jeremiah 4:1-2

Astrology, Shavuot and Revelation - a Personal Aside

When HaShem broke Israel loose from Egypt He also broke Egypt’s gods. He brought the Exodus and Passover (Pesach) in the time of Aries, the Ram. All Egypt “knew” that the ram god is strongest then – just when HaShem had His people, Israel, take the living incarnations of the deity and tie them up, in as public a way as possible, to slaughter and eat them, as the Jews’ holiday dinner.
Even though the Hebrew calendar is mostly lunar, while the zodiac is all solar, Passover always starts in Aries. Obviously, HaShem wants us to recall that aspect of the Exodus, the total humiliation of Egypt’s gods.
With the anniversary of the Revelation of the Torah at Mt. Sinai coming up soon, the Shavuout/Shavuos or “Pentecost” holiday starting this year on May 26th,  it seems appropriate to discuss this.
Gemini, “the Twins,” is the month of Revelation – Shavuot always falls a few days into Gemini. Why Gemini? Because, the ancient Torah sages explain, HaShem wanted to make this as clear as possible: 1) the Torah isn’t just for Israel; it’s for two, not just one; 2) Israel and the vast majority of humankind, all the non-Jewish Noahides, are close brethren – twins, in fact, in God’s eyes; and 3) He revealed the Torah to Israel at Sinai to benefit and enlighten both twins.
I call this a personal aside because my birthday and my life’s work – or, anyway, my work with First Covenant, such as it is - come together here… There’s an idea in Judaism that every person has a celestial body, a star, mazal, that serves, roughly, like a patron or guardian, and influences one’s destiny. (This is a connection to astrology, obviously; it’s why Jews say “Mazal tov!” - Good mazal! - on happy occasions.)
You might also know that rosh chodesh, in Hebrew thought, the first of the month, in the Hebrew calendar, is regarded as the epitome of the month, the essence of it.
Putting these two thoughts together, I was born, according to the Hebrew calendar, a few days before Shavuot. And this makes sense, for someone so devoted to studying and explicating the First Covenant. Even though I’m not a Gemini, because I was born under another sun sign (according to the secular calendar, which is solar, like the zodiak itself), according to the much more venerable Hebrew calendar, my birthday is rosh chodesh Sivan - the month of the Twins.
Mankind cannot rise to the essential principles on which society must rest unless it meets with Israel.
And Israel cannot fathom the deeps of its own national and religious tradition unless it meets with mankind.  -Rabbi Elijah Benamozegh
Michael Dallen

We call on God for help. As the prayer that Israel says every morning just before reciting the Hebrew statement of faith known as the shema asks (please understand that this is much richer in Hebrew than in English): Our Father, the merciful Father, Who acts mercifully, have mercy on us, instill in our hearts to understand and elucidate, to listen, learn, teach, safeguard, perform and fulfill all the words of Your Torah's teachings with love. Enlighten our eyes in Your Torah, attach our hearts to Your commandments, and unify our hearts to love and fear Your Name. Amen

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