Bruce G. -- Maryland, U.S.A. -- thecrab (at)

I grew up Catholic, but came after study to understand why Judaism rejected Christian teachings. I began to study Judaism in college, taking a course at Princeton on the medieval Disputations between the rabbis and the friars. I considered converting, but ultimately decided that G-d needed not a new Jew, but a few good gentiles to get good things done, say, at a fast food restaurant while eating a cheeseburger on a Friday night. No Jew can do anything good there at that time; we have an opportunity to do a decent act that no Jew can fulfill!

I would be grateful for some companionship with fellow observers of G-d's directives to humanity. One way that Christianity grows is by being enthusiastic and by providing warm fellowship. Jewish law encourages people to be enthusiastic, warm and supportive also. I can envision Noachide community centers for worship, fellowship and community support. I can imagine one near my home, bearing not a pagan steeple but a declaration that G-d is One, a Unity, THE Unity, from whom all truth to all humanity flows. I wish I could stop practicing law and start digging, laying lumber, brick, drywall, to see it built.

We should be together, support one another.


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