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My husband of 21 years and I currently live in east central Alabama. We have moved around a lot due to my husband's job. We have 6 children (16-4 yrs) and have home-schooled them for 11 years.

It was 8 years ago that my 6-year-old son asked a question that changed our lives forever. We were studying calendars and time. We had also just studied the 10 commandments. He asked, "If we are suppose to worship on the 7th day and that is Saturday then why do we go to church on Sunday?" I had already been having some trouble reconciling the Old and New Testaments and this question knocked me for a loop. I told him that I did not know how that was changed and would find out. Well two months and mountains of material later I came to the conclusion that it was a man-made change and that there was no justification for it.  Also in my quest I discovered more and more problems with the church and the roots of its traditions and doctrines.

Finally 3 years later my husband and I began our move towards Judaism.  We have lived as Noachides for 5 years now.

We have recently decided to move to a larger city which has a Rabbi that will help us convert. We are just waiting for HaShem to open the door for us in that location. We are always open to fellowship and study with others.

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