Frances Makarova grew up in Melbourne, Australia. A mother of four children, and four grandchildren. When her son, now 27 yrs. was an infant, she used to go to Kantor's Jewish bookshop [in Melbourne. Reb Moshe Kantor obm, [father of Mattis Kantor - author of The Jewish Timeline Encyclopedia (Jason Aronson)] became her teacher and instructor in godliness in 1986.

She writes: For some years I still believed that Jesus was a good man, but not that he was G-d. In 1996 I discovered the first Noahide email list where Rabbi Michael Katz would answer our questions. I put up my Noahide website in 1998. because there were so few Noahide websites at that time, and I wanted to reach out and find other Noahides. I began the email list on Nov. 27 1998.





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