Linda -- North Carolina -- loak (at)

I have two grown offspring - it's hard to call them children at 30ish ages! ... two dogs, a cat and a bird. My husband died about four years ago, and I moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina from Missouri, but am originally from Detroit, Michigan.

I was introduced to what I called at that time, the "Noahide Concept," through a link at the website on Edenics, and when I looked further into it, I said to myself, "Linda, you've been doing this all along - so THAT'S what you are!" ... That since, for some reason, we think we need to identify ourselves with titles!

I was raised Roman Catholic, moved away from that for quite a long time, then looked into some new age things, a few nondenominational congregations, a messianic jewish congregation and an Assembly of God congregation, never fitting into any of those. I've read Michael Dallen's, THE RAINBOW COVENANT once and have just begun to read it again. After prayer and study, many of the beliefs I thought were true, have been discarded, and I'm grateful for my new freedom, and looking forward to growing at what I really am!

Would I like to attend a Torah class? Yes. ...Teach one? I'd have to really think about that!

Thank you for making this available to us!

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