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Many experts and other readers say that the best book on the First Covenant — including the treasurehouse of knowledge called the Noahide Law, the Universal Torah — is The Rainbow Covenant: Torah and the Seven Universal Laws

You may wish to read what others have said about this myth-shattering, eye-opening book.

Some people like the pointed cartoons in the book (what are comic drawings doing in such a serious work? Maybe - we hope - they help convey the message).

Besides the cartoons, go below to read some excerpts from the book.

[Unfortunately, what some readers call the book's best and most unique feature - the detailed source notes, citations, and supplemental commentaries, which make this book so useful for scholars and beginners - are not available below.]

The Rainbow Covenant: torah and the seven universal laws
by Michael Dallen
Foreword by Rabbi Michael Katz
Published by Lightcatcher Books (Springdale, Arkansas) and the Rainbow Covenant Foundation (New York, New York), 2003
ISBN: 0-9719388-2-2
Library of Congress
Control Number: 2003102494

And God spoke unto Noah, and to Noah's children with him, saying, 'And as for Me, behold, I establish My covenant with you, and with your seed after you.' - Genesis 9:8-9

--------------------------Table of Contents / Excerpts------------------------------

Click on a link in the Table of Contents, below, to view an excerpt from that section of the book. All excerpts are provided in Adobe Acrobat Reader (.PDF) format. Use the browser's back arrow to return to this menu.

Preface [p. i]
Foreword by Rabbi Michael Katz [p. vii]
Introduction [p. xi]

BOOK ONE - The Rainbow Covenant
1. The Permanent Revolution: Sinai [p. 3]
2. The Torah Revolution: Revolutionary Texts [19]
3. Written Law and Oral Law: The Other Torah [29]
4. The Rainbow Covenant: Wisdom for the World [39]
5. Revealed Law: Beginning Noahide Precepts [53]
6. Unfolding the Code: Theory and Practice [63]
7. Who Decides What? New Approaches [79]

BOOK TWO - The Seven Universal Laws
1. Common Principles [p. 91]
2. Dietary Laws [97]
3. Laws Against Larceny [129]
4. Sex Laws [153]
5. Laws Against Murder [185]
6. Laws Against Lawlessness [209]
7. Laws Against Sacrilege [227]
8. Laws Against Idolatry [267]
Appendix - Revolutionary Doctrine: Israel’s Thirteen Principles of Faith [313]
Sources and Materials [329]
Index [p. 343]
About the Author [353]

Hardcover, illustrated, including endnotes, appendices (Israel's Thirteen Principles of Faith - 14 pp. - and Sources and Materials, guide to further study - 14 pp.), and index, 392 pp.
Price: $24.95

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In better book stores (retailers, order from Baker and Taylor, wholesalers). Available from Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble, direct from the publisher [to contact Lightcatcher Books by phone, call (479) 306-4459, especially for multiple copy orders or for orders from outside the United States], and (for First Covenant Foundation members, for multiple copies, and for personalized, author-inscribed copies) from the First Covenant Foundation directly. For more information, call the First Covenant Foundation at (313) 891-1920, or click here for all sellers and book vendors.


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