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My God, the soul You placed within me is pure... (ancient Hebrew prayer.)

The Universal Covenant

Genesis, the first book of the Bible, or Torah, teaches that every human being descends from Noah, our universal ancestor. (See Genesis 4:22 and Genesis 9, with the ancient commentaries.)

The covenant that God made with Noah and his and Mrs. Noah's (Na'amah's) descendants is the Universal Covenant - a/k/a First Covenant, Rainbow Covenant, and the Noahide (or No'achide) Covenant. It applies to all of us, everywhere and always.

When God declares a covenant to be eternal, "everlasting," and "perpetual," no later event, no prophet, messiah, comet, war or other disaster can end it. So, at least so long as human beings still have human form, this covenant with all its principles exists to teach and guide us, forever.

For more on this read Rainbow Covenant.

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