The Hebrew Revolution

We are the party of liberation. We are the party of revolution.

Religion is supposedly "the opiate of the masses" - but this religious movement overturned Egypt back when the pyramids were new - and we've been fighting the great enemies of mankind ever since. In every generation, for uncounted generations: ancient Philistines, Assyrians and Babylon, tyrannous Rome and cruel Byzantium, the blood-lusting Inquisitors of Spain and Portugal, Nazi Germany and every Nazi, Soviet Communists, the Ku Klux Klan, every single Muslim terrorist who ever lived....

(Ever notice how you can tell a lot about a thing by its enemies?)

We are the servants of the God of freedom. We are the enemies of paganism.

"If God doesn't exist, nothing matters. If God does exist, nothing else matters." We are not mystics but He - God, HaShem, the God of all Creation - has convinced us of His reality, and that He loves us (His human children), and that He wants us to be happy.

So, we ask, how can we know God? What's His Name? (Who is He? What's His Nature?) How can we know His will?

If you seek Him, the Holy One of Israel, you'll find His fingerprints in history (He is continually operational!) and science. You'll find Him, if you know where and how to look, in the pages of the Torah, the "Guidance," or Bible - "the book of Divine righteousness."

History leads to knowledge of God

Exodus is a radical, revolutionary book in human history, which tells the story of the world's greatest revolution - of a series of events that turned Egypt's "gods" and all else upside down, making slaves the masters. It's the Deity's introduction of Himself to all mankind as the God of human freedom, love and justice (Who is the enemy of everything degrading).

The Exodus was just the beginning of things... This revolution is a continuing, eternal revolution.

From our book Rainbow Covenant. Book One, Chapter One:




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