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About the Book and the First Covenant Foundation

We created this foundation and our book,Rainbow Covenant: Torah and the Seven Universal Laws, based on the absolute conviction that the world needs the following two things:

1) True and comprehensive treatment of the Seven Laws - the Noachide Law, or Universal Law - system, not just because it's a wonderful, beautiful, holy and miraculous system, but, negatively, because virtually every other contemporary "authority" on the subject who might write for a general audience has and did and would, absent our involvement, get this all-important subject terribly, horribly wrong.

We'll get back to that thought in a moment.

2) A readable, practical sort of guide and introduction to what the Seven Laws really are, including a reasonable sufficiency of source notes and (we hope) thoughtful analysis, to satisfy the needs of the widest possible variety of normal readers.

There are quite a few law review and other highly specialized, academic books and papers on the subject, and we have drawn from them. But we don't just want to connect law professors, professional philosophers, rabbinic scholars, and other specialists - mostly Hebrew-speaking - to the subject, but every kind and variety of inquiring thoughtful reader, regardless of those readers' academic or religious backgrounds, using simple English prose.

Incidentally, we call the subject "all important." That's because it goes right to the whole point of the Hebrew Bible and the People of Israel's great cause in the world, and,indeed, what it means to be human.

If our approach to the Bible, the Torah and the entire object of what we call the Hebrew Revolution is correct, that means one thing about the Jews, the Bible, the Torah, and the human race; if the others' teachings are correct, that means something radically different.

That's what this is all about.

Now, about others getting our subject "terribly, horribly wrong" ... Disregarding the hateful claims of neo-Nazis and other Jew-haters, who regard everything relating to the Jewish People as irredeemably evil, most people who try to teach the Seven Laws, as well-intended as they usually are, base their thinking on what is represented to be "Traditional." But what they teach is, alas, NOT traditional. It's stale, convoluted, squishy, thoroughly conventional stuff based on mysticism and irrationality, ignorance of the law, and which is dependent on utterly impossible miracles - including radical changes in basic human psychology and needs, and in how people make and administer necessary laws and statutes.

Not only that: it totally disregards genuinely traditional Torah authorities, who have weighed in our subject, and all of the authoritative research of leading scholars at Harvard Law Schooll, Yeshiva University's Cardozo School of Law, and the law faculty at Bar-ilan University in Israel. We treasure their good work.

There has been a revolution in peoples' thinking about the Seven Laws, but the so-called Traditionalists ignore.

If the "Traditionalists" are correct, the purpose of history and the whole Hebrew Revolution is to give the Jewish People permanent control of the world! The Jews, supposedly, will create the laws - based on Torah-research, supposedly - that the whole world, the entire family of mankind, must follow!

We spoke to one "expert" from this school, who wrote what he calls "the standard teaching guide to the Seven Universal Laws," who told us that he considered the preposterous, infamous anti-Semitic tract, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (a crazy forgery of the "minutes," supposedly, of an actually nonexistent secret meeting of Jewish leaders, which the secret service of the Czar of Russia forged, in the late 19th Century) rto be true, in essence! Except - naturally - "for those parts attributing a malevolent purpose" to the Jews!

The doctrine that we ourselves believe in and teach is more in accord with logic, common sense, and the general drift of Torah. And it follows the most genuinely traditional of traditional sources, dating back at least as far, cetainly, as the teachings of the great fervent traditionalist, Rabbi Meir Abulafia (1170-1244) in his classic Yad Ramah, addressing Tractate Sanhedrin 56 in the Babylonian Talmud.

According to the Yad Ramah, every nation must determine the details of its own laws for itself.

This may and should seem obvious. Yet, again, we are, to our knowledge, the only ones who teach and believe it in any kind of popular, non-academic specialist kind of way. In the midst of a field crowded with "authorities" who teach and believe in the preposterous notion that the nations of the world are obligated to get all their laws from Jewish people: from Jewish Torah courts and rabbis!

Heaven forbid! But, again, that is NOT the system. In fact, it's defamatory against the system and against the God Who gave us the Seven Laws and Torah systems, in all their brilliance, majesty and beauty.


By Michael Dallen


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