How do I connect in community and fellowship with others who believe in the Noahide Way?                      

If you send in your personal contact information we will try to help you. (See our Community page.) Community matters. One day we will see First Covenant institutions - centers for worship, learning and coming closer to God - in every town and hamlet.

Sometimes, one simply has to make things happen by oneself.

 Michael Dallen had this to say to a Noachide outside the United States:

"How to start things going [where you are]? You have, I know, already been reaching out to people there. You've been telling them about the Maker of all things and how, for our own good, He wants us to keep His Laws and walk in His ways. You've been studying on your own and with your family; the next thing to do is to share what you've been learning with a larger circle.

In fact, that's what we're all about anyway: every one of us [speaking of the people making up the Rainbow Covenant Foundation] is to be or try to be like Abraham, loving God, speaking of Him and His holy ways, and trying to bring others to Him - as He wants, for their own good, and for the good of all the world. The only question, really, is what is the most efficient way to do this: the most effective, the most powerful, the most likely to accomplish the best results fastest?

Honestly, unfortunately, I can't tell you what that would be. Maybe several different things should be tried? Setting up a study group - even if it's only you and one other person, to begin with - to read, study and pray at regular times, might be a good idea. It'd be like setting up a small synagogue, shul, school, beit ha'knesset, or church. Or a club type of thing, including study and prayer.

If you could just set up an "organization" of only two or three people who work together well, that would be a wonder in itself: two people working together are likely to accomplish things far beyond the reach of two people not working together.

If you think it would help, of course, we can make more of the website available to you. As for me personally, I am at your service.


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