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What is the Rainbow Covenant?

The Universal Covenant is the Rainbow Covenant. The Rainbow Covenant is the Noahide Covenant

As the Bible tells the story, you are Noah's descendant:

And God spoke unto Noah, and to Noah's children with him, saying:

'And as for Me, behold, I establish My covenant with you, and with your descendants after you.' Genesis 9:8-9 

A covenant is a solemn, reciprocally binding pact or contract, confirmed and symbolized by mutual pledges. After the great Flood in the Bible, God took the rainbow, a pre-existing phenomenon, and made it His pledge, the symbol of His covenant (Genesis 9:11-17).

With this great covenant - the Rainbow Covenant, the First Covenant, the Noahide or Universal Covenant - God guarantees that Earth shall abide (somehow). Day and night and springtime and harvest-time will never be cut off by any further disaster like the Flood. We have God's covenantal guarantee.

We can also rest assured that we - human beings - will abide as the earthly masters of this planet. The world's Owner and Creator has knowingly given our own kind - humankind - dominion over Earth. We won't be supplanted by space aliens or other non-human beings. In fact, He call on us to serve Him as His stewards, His conscious servants, subject solely to Him.

Would God in His wisdom simply give us these precious gifts but leave us in the dark about how to use them? How about instructions?

You are the children of the Lord your God. - Deuteronomy 14:1

Have you ever held a touchstone? If you have what you think is a piece of gold, you can scratch a touchstone with it and the mark it leaves on the touchstone will show you whether your gold is real and, if it is, its purity.

God gave our distant ancient ancestors seven touchstones. These eternal, universal gifts, principles of God-consciousness and truth, exist to connect us to the sacred cause of Israel. They make us more conscious of our Maker. They are the Bible's beating heart.  

You shall be holy; because I, the Lord your God, am holy - Leviticus 19:2

What Is It? (What the Universal Covenant teaches)


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